What is Greenhouse Hydroponics?

December 13, 2010 By Administrator

Hydroponic gardening is gardening with out the use of soil for the root system.

This doesn’t mean that they sit in some kind of liquid solution, although some hydroponics systems are like this, but these are complicated and require more work that the regular lay person has time or the knowledge to do.

  • This type of hydroponic system is known and the nutrient film technique, or N.F.T.

Modern Greenhouse Hydroponics Gardening

The Wick system is one of the simplest types of hydroponics, and is easy and widely used by beginners.

There is a growing try, with mediums like Pro-Mix, Coconut Fiber, and Perlite. The nutrients for the plant are in a reservoir underneath, and these nutrients are drawn into to planting medium through a wick that dangles down from the bottom of the growing tray into the reservoir.

  • This system has no moving parts, but the disadvantages are that if you are growing larger plants this way, the wick may not be able to supply nutrients to plant fast enough.

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