What Are Grow Rack Greenhouses?

Grow Rack Greenhouses are small portable greenhouses that you can use just about anywhere.

Grow Rack GreenhousesUsually the racks themselves are made from a lightweight steel structure, with caster wheels on the bottom. The external frame may extend much higher than the top rack, to support the clear cover.

  • These covers can be made from a variety of materials, clear vinyl, as well as plastic.
  • The design of these are relatively simple, and can be used to grow a variety of potted plants, for starting seeds, or to get smaller plants a head start.

There are many advantages of owning grow rack greenhouses.

They are compact and will fit into just about any sunny space, indoors or out.

  • You can wheel them outside for direct sunlight, when it starts getting dark or the weather changes, they can easily be brought inside.
  • Even if you have just a sunny porch or patio, a balcony on an apartment building, these greenhouses will normally fit in the space.
  • You can grow an herb garden, or have flowering plants with longer blooming cycles.

Another advantage of owning greenhouse growing racks, is that they can be folded and packed away when not in use.

2 Tier Grow Rack GreenhouseThis means that you can store them in a closet when you are done using them, and they are ideal for taking your greenhouse just about anywhere, the RV or trailer.

With grow rack greenhouses you can get an earlier start on the growing season, as well as extend it far further than just outdoor growing.

  • Using these mini greenhouses can also keep insects and birds out of your newly growing plants, as well as when it is time to harvest the bounty.
  • For quick growing vegetables like peas, you can possibly get two harvests each year instead of one using a greenhouse.

Costs for growing rack greenhouse kits can vary among retailers.

While some local gardening outlets may have a couple of different choices, for the best prices and selection you should go online.

Juliana 4 Tier Grow Rack GreenhouseOne product is the Juliana Two Tier Growing Rack greenhouse.

  • It has a removable clear PVC plastic cover that is UV coated, with zippers in the front so you can have full access to your plants. It has removable shelves for easy cleaning and storage.
  • At just 27″ wide, 36″ high, and 19″ deep, it is an ideal addition to any apartment patio, or for a sunny window.
  • This product is listed at around fifty dollars, but you can find it cheaper with a little searching.

If you have more room for growing rack greenhouses, there is also a Juliana 4 tier grow rack greenhouse.

  • It is 63″ high, has the same features, and sells for around sixty dollars.

These are just a couple of examples of the many different styles of growing rack greenhouses.

Gardman 4 Tier Grow Rack GreenhouseIn addition, you can also get a large variety of other smaller greenhouses that are simple to build and easy to store.

  • If you have space, there is the walk in Greenhouse.
  • This has racks just like their smaller versions, but are much taller.
  • They can be staked to the ground and can be ideal for smaller back yards.
  • When the weather finally changes, they can easily be taken apart and stored in the garage.

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