Uses of a Greenhouse

Greenhouses make a perfect addition to any home or apartment, no matter how big or small the space might be.


benefits of a greenhouseSome people have the opportunity to install huge greenhouses that will hold a year’s worth of fruits and vegetables while others use small indoor greenhouses that are kept in the corner of the room in their apartment or shared home.

Greenhouses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and they wear a wide range of price tags so the one you choose really depends on your needs, preferences, and of course your space.

There are probably more uses for greenhouses than you realize, understanding those uses will allow you to properly determine what kind, size, style, and how many greenhouses you want to invest in.



Fruits and Vegetables

fruit greenhouseThe most common use of greenhouses is to grow fruits and vegetables.

Greenhouses make it possible to not only extend the growing season for most of these foods, but they can even help certain fruits and veggies grow all year long when they normally can’t on their own outside.

You can grow a wide variety of fruits and veggies in a greenhouse including but not limited to:

  • Lettuces
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Berries
  • Oranges
  • Bananas

tomato greenhouseIt is important to understand what each variety needs for optimal growing conditions so that you can house your food in a way that benefits the growth of each individual crop.

This might mean using more than one greenhouse or simply arranging the fruits and veggies in a way that you can water certain ones at certain times and offer sun to some plants without affecting others.




flower greenhouseMany people choose to use greenhouses to grow flowers throughout the year.

In fact this is a big business for business owners around the world.

For example, Hawaii uses huge greenhouses are used to grow orchids for sale throughout the world as they’re the largest producer of the flower.

While some types of flowers do just as well if not better outside compared to being placed in a greenhouse, there are plenty of flower types that benefit from the use of a greenhouse.

Lilies, roses, and dandelions are great flowers to start with if you aren’t sure where to start.



Believe it or not tobacco can be grown in your own backyard during the summer as long as temperatures reach at least 75 degrees throughout the season.

A greenhouse is important because it helps you to control the water and sun each plant gets which is an important part of getting the results you want in terms of crop growth and plant health.



hydroponics gardening
This is the latest and greatest in cultivation and it is now being used in conjunction with greenhouses to help produce sustainable healthy foods all year long.

Using greenhouses for hydroponics can be a bit of an investment at first but that investment starts to offer returns just as soon as your greenhouses starts to produce.

Within just the first couple of years your system will have more than paid for itself.




Special Greenhouse Considerations

plant watering
There are some things that should be considered before using a greenhouse for the first time.

You will need to figure out how to water and pollinate your fruits, vegetables, and flowers if you so choose to grow any variety of these things.

Watering can be done by hand with a simple watering can or a handy watering system can be installed to spray certain plants at certain times.

Either way allows you to customize your setup to ensure optimal conditions for everything you are growing, but of course one method takes more time while the other requires more of an investment.



plant polinationPollination is something that needs serious consideration because without it many of the foods you want to grow will not thrive without being pollinated.

You can arrange to allow bees access to your gardens for pollination or you can keep bees of your own to get the job done.

The most popular variety used for pollinating greenhouse plants are bumblebees. There is always the option of artificial pollination if bees are out of the question.


greenhouse temperature
Being able to control the environment within the greenhouse to provide the correct temperatures, sun, shade, and humidity needed for your gardens to grow properly is another huge consideration, but one that is pretty easily manageable.

The use of fans, spray bottles, shade tarps, and an outdoor thermometer will cover most of the bases.

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