Tips to Make Your Plants Grow Soil-Less

Are you living in an apartment and looking for some way to pursue your hobby of plantation? Well, there is a way to grow the plants in absence of soil which is known as hydroponics system.

It has been considered as the most convenient operation to reproduce and grow the plants indoor and gain food with advanced nutrients. It could be performed either at the corner of your living room or also have at a wider and any extra space of your house. There is no need of soil as it could be easily planted in water or coir and the basic requirements are water supplies and food. In spite of the system being healthy and safe, below mentioned points would help you to avoid several emerging issues:

Tips on how to make plants grow soil-less



Jars, tray and plastic bags are the containers required for several purposes in hydroponic garden. The hole in the centre of the container or tray would allow the roots to sit out and on the water. Nutrient solution, a mixture of fertilizer and water would be in the container of tray, placed at the bottom of the garden. The plants suspended would themselves absorb all the nutrients required for their growth and health.



Though sunlight is an essential factor for a plant to grow healthy but this system requires artificially generated light in order to reproduce naturally. LED grow lights are the best lights for indoor gardening. Whilst available at higher rates, it is efficient and eco-friendly.

Tip: The growth and yield of plant depends on the amount of light it receives.



For a good growth and better productivity, a reliable pump is required for the proper distribution of minerals and nutrients. Thus, this requirement has urged many companies to manufacture the type of models suitable for hydroponic plant that could cater the need of every type of customers. A good and durable pump would surely provide sufficient amount of oxygen for plants to survive.


A gadget to control pH

As the whole process is carried out in artificial environment it is essential to keep the acidity level normal. If any unusual activity has been observed by the plants in their surrounding then their growth gets impeded and thus the result would be unhealthy shoots. The traditional way of calculating pH using pH strips is of no use now. Nowadays various gadgets or line are available to control the acidity more effectively.


Handy tips during the growth

  • Equipment: What? And Why?
  • Nutritional Requirements.
  • Photoperiod/light requirements.
  • Use a professional product that has a three part hydroponic nutrients.
  • For the first time do not induce additional nutrients.
  • Prepare a schedule prior to plantation.
  • Have all the essential equipments and nutrients in the process.
  • Maintain 55° F room temperature.
  • Place the counterbalance for your lights in different room.
  • The nutrient reservoir solution should be checked and adjusted every day.
  • Avoid direct light exposure to nutrient solution.
  • Have a backup of plain water in form of reservoir waiting for the next cycle.
  • The period to change the water and the nutrients completely is every two weeks.
  • Dark period should be controlled using digital timer.
  • Keep a note to have a dark period uninterrupted, i.e. completely dark.
  • The system should be cleaned and sterilized in between crops.
  • The new plants should be quarantined prior to adding it to the garden.

Finally, by following the above mentioned tips and tricks you could create a healthy living for everybody.


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Bency George is a horticulturist and an agro blogger keen to share the latest advancements in agro industry to let the people have advanced nutrients at ease.

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