Saving Money with Lean to Greenhouses

Lean to Greenhouse Kit

Save with a Lean-to Greenhouse Kit! Lean to greenhouses are full-sized, but they are in half, and the "lean to" means they are designed to lean against another building, such as your home. It is like adding an additional area to your home because custom fit them to precisely lean and it is easier to install the plumbing and heating because it will come from your … [Read more...]

Glass Greenhouse Benefits

Glass greenhouses, simply means that the panels of the green house are made of glass, and can create a better atmosphere for your plants and vegetation to grow in. There are many varieties of greenhouse panels including plastic, which is very popular, but glass is a way to add beauty to the area of your home where your greenhouse is located. The benefits of glass greenhouse … [Read more...]

What Are Grow Rack Greenhouses?

Grow Rack Greenhouses are small portable greenhouses that you can use just about anywhere. Usually the racks themselves are made from a lightweight steel structure, with caster wheels on the bottom. The external frame may extend much higher than the top rack, to support the clear cover. These covers can be made from a variety of materials, clear vinyl, as well as … [Read more...]

Wood Greenhouses – What makes them unique?

Wooden Greenhouse Kits

Have you seen the wood greenhouses? They are very stunning and offer you a unique way to have your greenhouse and have one that is beautiful. Most of the wood designs are freestanding and have the wood frame and then the plastic panels to keep the heat inside your greenhouse while keeping the cold out. Moreover, you will find many sizes of wood greenhouses that … [Read more...]