Popular Accessories for the Medium Sized Greenhouse

Clear Backyard Hobby Greenhouse with Tomatoes

If you have been thinking about purchasing a medium sized greenhouse, there are many accessories that can help with the ventilation, plant growth and pest control.     Determining what you need in advance will save time and money later on. Getting a head start on the season by sowing your seedlings in a greenhouse may not seem difficult to do until you run … [Read more...]

Treatments for a Greenhouse

Homemade Arch Greenhouse with Wooden Frame

A greenhouse allows gardeners to grow plants during the winter, when most plants are dormant. Plants are typically more crowded in a greenhouse, making pests and disease more serious issues than they are in an outside garden. These problems require aggressive treatment in an enclosed environment. A greenhouse provides regulated environmental conditions, which also … [Read more...]

How to Help the Plants in My Greenhouse Grow

Help Plants Grow

Many gardeners who have had success in outdoor gardening can pretty easily make the leap to gardening in a greenhouse.   While it does require some changes in techniques to meet the specific needs of greenhouse plants, it is well worth the effort. Greenhouses provide a means of growing your favorite plants all year round, and starting your seedlings much more easily … [Read more...]