What is Greenhouse Hydroponics?

Hydroponic gardening is gardening with out the use of soil for the root system. This doesn't mean that they sit in some kind of liquid solution, although some hydroponics systems are like this, but these are complicated and require more work that the regular lay person has time or the knowledge to do. This type of hydroponic system is known and the nutrient film … [Read more...]

Aeroponics Gardening – Why All the Hype?

When people think of gardening they automatically associate it with outdoor gardening or greenhouse gardening using regular soil. However, there are many ways in which a person can grow beautifully healthy plants. In more recent times hydroponics has witnessed a huge surge in popularity, and the latest arrival in this type of gardening is aeroponics. One of the best things … [Read more...]

Hydroponics Gardening Machines are the Only Way to Grow Fresh Vegetables!

Hot House Hydroponic Grow Kits

Hydroponics Gardening - The Only Way to Grow Veggies With the way the economy is, more and more people are turning to growing their own gardens again. Nothing beats fresh vegetables and herbs from your own garden not to mention the money you save. The down fall is waiting so long for the garden to get to the point where you can eat the fruits of your labor. This is where … [Read more...]

Choosing LED Grow Lights for a Hydroponics Garden

You may want to Choose LED Grow Lights for Hydroponic Gardening! Hydroponics gardening systems are quickly becoming more popular to use. Before you get started as a hydroponic gardener, however, you need to know how to build a hydroponic system, if you can't buy a machine. Since you are creating an artificial environment to grow the plants in, you must provide for all their … [Read more...]