Greenhouse Temperature for Tomatoes

High Resolution Tomatoe Picture

Tomatoes are one of the most popular garden vegetables in the world. They adapt well to confined spaces and require a narrow temperature range to produce the best fruit. Gardeners must also regulate additional factors such as humidity and ventilation to get optimum results from tomatoes. These properties make tomatoes especially common greenhouse plants.   A … [Read more...]

How to Clean White Mold in Greenhouses

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Greenhouses offer many benefits to gardeners, but they also have their issues. Mold is one such issue.   Since they are such warm and moist environments, it is easy to see how mold can flourish. However, it is dangerous to leave it be it must be cleaned off the structure, not only for your protection, but also for the plants' health inside the greenhouse. If left … [Read more...]

Popular Accessories for the Medium Sized Greenhouse

Clear Backyard Hobby Greenhouse with Tomatoes

If you have been thinking about purchasing a medium sized greenhouse, there are many accessories that can help with the ventilation, plant growth and pest control.     Determining what you need in advance will save time and money later on. Getting a head start on the season by sowing your seedlings in a greenhouse may not seem difficult to do until you run … [Read more...]

When to Move the Plants Out of the Starter Greenhouse?


The biggest advantage of starting plants in the greenhouse is that a greenhouse provides regulated temperature.   Seedlings often require a narrow temperature range to produce the best possible growth. The walls of the greenhouse also protect the seedlings from other elements of weather such as snow and rain. A greenhouse is often much warmer than the outside … [Read more...]