15 Benefits of School Green House Courses

If you have a passion for cultivating plants such as vegetables, fruits and flowers, you should know that there are numerous benefits associated with taking school green house courses. By taking any modern greenhouse schools project, you have the potential to obtain an assortment of degrees and/or certificates or you may even have the potential to specialize in numerous … [Read more...]

Popular Accessories for the Medium Sized Greenhouse

Clear Backyard Hobby Greenhouse with Tomatoes

If you have been thinking about purchasing a medium sized greenhouse, there are many accessories that can help with the ventilation, plant growth and pest control.     Determining what you need in advance will save time and money later on. Getting a head start on the season by sowing your seedlings in a greenhouse may not seem difficult to do until you run … [Read more...]

Heating in Green House Structures: Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse Heating

Heat Needs for Greenhouse Gardening If you are just getting started with greenhouse gardening, the one thing you need to educate yourself on beside the amount of water your vegetation needs is the amount of heat needed inside your greenhouse. The types of plants you have will determine the appropriate heating levels. Ultimately, most plants thrive in temperatures of … [Read more...]