Stop Filling Land Fills and Start Composting

Stop Filling the Land Fills and Start Composting People! You can continue to toss your garbage into your garbage bin and eventually it will make its way to the landfills, but you don't have to. Why not take your garbage and make it into something that is a good thing. You can do that and it's not as hard as you probably think it is. What Can You Create Compost Out of … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Compost Piles

Advantages & Disadvantages of Making Soil Composting Piles Compost piles are heaps of green and brown materials that decompose into an organic fertilizer. The compost materials can include food scraps except dairy products, meat and bones, grass clippings and other plant materials, non-glossy paper and untreated wood scraps and perhaps special types of worms thrown in to … [Read more...]

Growing Food the Green Way is Very Beneficial!

Why Growing Your Own Food the Green Way is Very Beneficial Many people today are growing their own food organically or the green way. There are many benefits to growing your own food. For one thing you do not have to use pesticides if you don't want to. A lot of people today don't want their food grown with pesticides. Also you can use only natural ways to fertilize your … [Read more...]