Common Beginner Gardening Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Gardeners Even when new gardeners are armed with gardening know-how and advice, there are still numerous beginning gardener mistakes that take place.  There are a few things that should be done in order to avoid common beginning gardener mistakes. Firstly, before any flower, vegetable, vine, tree, or shrub is placed into the ground, it … [Read more...]

Supplying the Greenhouse with Accessory Supplies

Buying the right type, frame and size of greenhouse is not the be-all and end-all of choosing the structure. The greenhouse gardener must also purchase the necessary greenhouse accessories and supplies in order to make the structure, be it a lean-to or a full-sized greenhouse rivaling the Eden Project, fully functional. Otherwise, the greenhouse can become just an empty shell … [Read more...]

Indoor Gardening Herbs

Grow Garden Herbs Indoors Many people love and enjoy the great fresh herbs we can have in the summer, but what do you do when it gets too cold? Bring them inside! Plant your herbs inside, because your spaghetti won't taste right without some fresh herbs from your garden! Read these indoor gardening tips for growing garden herbs indoors and with garden … [Read more...]