Planting and Upkeep of Grass

Tips for Grass Planting and Maintenance Upkeep Planting and upkeep of grass includes more than just sprinkling seeds in a lawn. Additional steps and care are needed to get the best results in yards. Learning these tips can lead to a greener and more lush landscape. These tips can be used for almost any size of lawn or landscape. Both small and large yards often require the … [Read more...]

What Are Grow Rack Greenhouses?

Grow Rack Greenhouses are small portable greenhouses that you can use just about anywhere. Usually the racks themselves are made from a lightweight steel structure, with caster wheels on the bottom. The external frame may extend much higher than the top rack, to support the clear cover. These covers can be made from a variety of materials, clear vinyl, as well as … [Read more...]

Compost Gardening Steps for Success

2 Young Kids Make Compost in Greenhouse

Compost gardening is quickly gaining in popularity everywhere! Compost gardening is when an individual creates a unique mixture of organic material, that is decayed and incorporates that mixture into the garden area, so that it may serve as a natural conditioner to the soil as well as a fertilizing agent. Having the appropriate compost supplies, is also an important … [Read more...]

Common Beginner Gardening Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Gardeners Even when new gardeners are armed with gardening know-how and advice, there are still numerous beginning gardener mistakes that take place.  There are a few things that should be done in order to avoid common beginning gardener mistakes. Firstly, before any flower, vegetable, vine, tree, or shrub is placed into the ground, it … [Read more...]

Humidity Requirements for Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse Gardening Humidity

Humidity Tips for Growing Year Round in Garden Green House Structures The humidity conditions inside your hobby greenhouse are essential to your plants and vegetation and therefore, you should always know what the humidity is within your greenhouse. Humidity is measured via relative humidity, which is the ratio of the water's weight in the air to the capability or … [Read more...]