Supplying the Greenhouse with Accessory Supplies

Buying the right type, frame and size of greenhouse is not the be-all and end-all of choosing the structure. The greenhouse gardener must also purchase the necessary greenhouse accessories and supplies in order to make the structure, be it a lean-to or a full-sized greenhouse rivaling the Eden Project, fully functional. Otherwise, the greenhouse can become just an empty shell without substance, so to speak.

With that being said, it is indeed important to budget for portable greenhouse supplies. Many potential owners have made the mistake of not doing so and, thus, becoming burdened with financial responsibilities that could have been lessened had the right information been provided from the very start. The following greenhouse supplies are ranked in alphabetical order since each one is important in its own right.

Benches and Cabinetry

The benches and shelves are necessary to place the potted plants on, to store the small gardening supplies and to perform activities like repotting of the plants. These pieces of furniture also add a cozy appeal to the greenhouse when placed in strategic locations.

Cycle Timers

With the necessity to control the aspects of ventilation, water and lighting in a modern greenhouse down to the last minute, cycle timers are important components of year-round cultivation. At the very least, the gardener need not worry about manually turning on and off the controls in the greenhouse as the cycle timers will take care of the activity.

Exhaust Fans

The heat and air in the greenhouse must be evenly distributed. Exhaust fans significantly contribute to the maintenance of the ideal levels in these two aspects of greenhouse gardening.

Ground Cover

Weeds are the main parasites of plants as well as being one of the sources of excess humidity during the night inside the greenhouse. To significantly lessen the possibility of weeds on the ground, a ground cover should be installed. It can be soil, sand, gravel and brick, the last two of which also makes for lessen quantities of puddles on the floor.

Lighting System

Light is one of the most critical factors in plant growth. On days when the sun is covered by clouds or during the winter season, metal halide and fluorescent bulbs can take the place of natural sunlight.


Greenhouse gardening requires the maintenance of almost-perfect conditions inside the structure. Guesswork is not recommended, thus, scientific measurement tools must be installed including a regular room thermometer, a soil thermometer, a hydrometer and a light intensity meter.


The temperature must also be controlled, thus, a thermostat must be placed inside the structure. The bets place to do so is at plant height bear the greenhouse’s middle portion.


Sufficient air movement also ensures that the plants thrive inside the greenhouse. Toward this end, vents are necessary to ensure sufficient ventilation during the warm months and to seal out the cold air during the cold months.

Watering Systems

Last but often the most important, the plants must also have regular and proper watering. In a greenhouse, this is achieved with the use of misting systems controlled by a cycle timer. Other means include a drip irrigation system and plain old watering using the water can.

Of course, small gardening supplies like hoes, gloves, sticks as well as pots and containers are also necessary. When you have gathered all these materials, a-greenhouse gardening you can go.

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  1. Justina Barry says

    The most expensive greenhouse kits come with the majority of the accessories listed here. Such kits tend to cost less than when purchasing each of the accessories separated, but not everyone can afford to spend a great amount of money on the best equipped greenhouses. Some gardeners buy one accessory at a time and it takes quite a while till they manage to grow their plants optimally…

  2. Anne Ray says

    You are right, Justina, but you didn’t seem to notice one thing: the warranty of the more expensive greenhouses. The frame of the pricier kits is often backed up by a warranty of 10, 15 or even 25 years. I think it’s better to buy a top quality greenhouse kits that comes with all the necessary equipment and that will last a very long period of time than to buy cheaper models that are not so durable.

  3. Wesley Ferguson says

    Gardening is certainly not as easy as most outsiders think. Still, blogs like this one make life a lot easier, as all the aspects of gardening are thoroughly explained. The ones who want to grow their plants in greenhouses all-year long should check this article, as most of the accessories presented here are essential for maintaining temperature, humidity and air circulation optimal.


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