Stop Filling Land Fills and Start Composting

Stop Filling the Land Fills and Start Composting People!

You can continue to toss your garbage into your garbage bin and eventually it will make its way to the landfills, but you don’t have to. Why not take your garbage and make it into something that is a good thing. You can do that and it’s not as hard as you probably think it is.

What Can You Create Compost Out of Exactly?

You can use things like feathers, hair, egg shells, fur, straw, animal manure, and fruit and vegetable peelings to throw in Compost Bins. Shredded newspapers, tea bags, coffee grounds, grass cuttings, etc are excellent things to recycle by compositing it.

There are organisms that love to feed of these things, and they are our natural recyclers. They feed off the dead material and can break it down. Once the heap is decomposed, it becomes one of the best organic fertilizers.

  • It will help you to grow some of the best crops of your choice by adding moisture and nutrients. It will also improve the layer of soil and aid your crops growth.

Making a soil compost bin and using it to fuel your garden plants is a win win situation, for the earth & the environment!

You are saving things from going into the landfill, and that stuff you are saving will benefit your garden in so many ways!

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  1. Paul { catdozer } says

    This concept of putting the bulk of landfill is a waste! I have worked in a large landfill and it is mind blowing as to the laziness of people and business as to what they don’t recyle

  2. Patricia Dorsey says

    It’s unbelievable how much one can save with compost instead of expensive fertilizers. And when you come to think about it… this compost is made from waste products, things that are no longer necessary to us, but from which the plants can benefit to the fullest. Amazing stuff!

  3. Molly French says

    Before the financial crisis I don’t think many people were considering replacing fertilizers with homemade compost. Now the haters came to realize the advantages of composting. Even though the cost-effectiveness of this process is what made them change their minds, it’s good to see they finally understand all the benefits.

  4. Sylvester Bridges says

    From what I see, this post is more about worm composting than traditional composting. However, people need to know that there are more than one composting method out there. Still, the post is very good, as it gives and idea on what can be thrown in a compost bin. The ones who are new to this consider that only food scraps can be used for making compost, but newspapers and coffee grounds are great, too.

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