Planting and Upkeep of Grass

Tips for Grass Planting and Maintenance Upkeep

Planting and upkeep of grass includes more than just sprinkling seeds in a lawn. Additional steps and care are needed to get the best results in yards. Learning these tips can lead to a greener and more lush landscape.

These tips can be used for almost any size of lawn or landscape. Both small and large yards often require the same basic upkeep. Larger yards may require more time, as there is more lawn to cover.

Grass Planting Advice
Grass Planting Advice

Understand The Basics For Planting Grass Anywhere

A new lawn requires a few basic things in order to grow properly. The first is an even and well tilled soil to allow roots to grow. The area should be raked or lightly tilled to open up the ground.

After the soil has been prepared, the seed mixture can be added. The amount that is used often depends on the selected grass type. In many cases, a thin to medium layer should be spread on soil.

Those who have partial sun and shade may need to find a special blend. Those in drought prone areas may likewise need a more hardy species. Hardy options are also available for low light and heavy traffic.

Tips for Planting Grass
Tips for Planting Grass

Keep The Best Tips On How To Plant Grass In Mind

Aftercare is important when it comes to planting grass in lawns. Without careful attention, seed may not perform as well as expected. With a few tips, any size of lawn can look better within weeks.

After planting, a light mulch or compost should be placed on seeds. A weed free compost or mulch can offer moisture and protection. This will keep seeds from being blown or washed away after planting.

A good watering system is another essential part of a greener yard. Some may choose to use a professional quality irrigation system. These can be set to provide regular water that will help grass grow.

Irrigation systems are recommended for those seeding large areas. For smaller areas, a garden hose may be enough to provide water. Care should be taken to avoid heavy sprays that wash away seeds.

Regular watering is one of the best tips for how to keep grass green.

  • Restricting access to planted areas will also go a long way in yards.
  • Planted areas can be marked off to limit traffic from kids or pets.

Grass Upkeep and Maintenance

Plan Early For Better And Easier Upkeep Of Grass

Before undertaking a reseeding project, it helps to plan ahead. Improper planning can lead to wasted money and bare spots on lawns. These bare spots can require more intensive treatments to recover.

Bare spots may also form due to heavy traffic and stains from pets.

  • These can be anticipated by evaluating the needs of the family.
  • More durable seeds have been developed to withstand heavy traffic.

Planning ahead for this need can prevent damage to fresh landscaping.

  • Filler treatments may need to be added when the spots begin to occur.
  • This is often the case when the mixture needs additional upkeep.

In some cases, dry hay or other protective material may be needed. These materials will help protect the mixture from rain or birds. Heavy rain may wash away seeding material, leading to less coverage.

Birds or other small animals may attempt to eat the placed mixture.

  • Some animals may dig through it, which can also reduce coverage.
  • When planting grass, it is important to plan around these concerns.
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