Making Compost to Grow A Vegetable Garden

Use Garden Soil Composting for Growing Plant Vegetable Gardens!

Making garden compost is not that hard and you can fertilize vegetable plants that indoor gardens naturally with it. Take your leaves, vegetable and fruit peelings, and even animal manure and let it decay in a pile. Organisms that grow in the garden soil will help the compost pile decay into a finely-textured additive for the soil, that is great for fertilizing the vegetable garden you are wanting to plant.

Starting A Compost Pile For Beginners

Compost Keeper
Compost Keeper
Gaiam Compost Bucket
Gaiam Compost Bucket
Compost Bucket Replacement Filters
Compost Bucket Replacement Filters

It does not take that much effort or time to make your own compost pile. Start with a small pile and when you get used to it increase the size of the pile. You only about 10 feet worth of space. Leaves in a the fall make a great foundation for a compost pile. Then during the year add straw, vegetable or fruit scraps, grass clippings, and other material that is organic in nature can be added.

You want to work the pile up until it is about 3 to 5 feet high. Level out the top but put a slight indentation in the center of it to collect the rain water. You need to keep all of the pile damp but not soaked for it to decay properly. It should also have enough air circulating and if you get it too wet this will block the air.

Organisms that breakdown the compost need the oxygen the air provides to live. The compost pile needs to be a certain density to breakdown too so it is a delicate balance. At a certain stage of decomposition the pile will start building up heat. You don’t want this heat to totally escape because the heat helps the pile decompose.

What To Put In Compost Piles?

Norpro Composter
Norpro Composter

You can also add some things to strengthen the effectiveness of the compost later. Ground rock phosphate, lime, and raw bone meal make great additives. Put a layer of compost and a layer of additives and let your pile build this way. About a pound of lime will be enough for 100 square feet of compost. Measure the other ingredients accordingly.

You could also put in a layer of the animal manure every foot or so. But if you have too much animal manure you may not need to do the compost pile because it will do the same thing in your garden. Manure makes a great fertilizer all by itself and will put enough nutrients in your garden. But manure is a good enhancer for a compost pile if you need an extra rich compost.

Decomposing Process = Composted Materials

After a few weeks stir the compost pile so that everything decomposes uniformly. This keeps the organisms from being in just one area instead of throughout the pile. Turning the pile will also make the compost be ready for use sooner. This way you have evenly spread nutrients when you use it in your garden.

When the compost is ready then start spreading it on your garden area. For 100 square feet of garden space use 25 pounds of compost. If you don’t have this amount of compost spread what you have where you are going to plant your vegetables. Just work it into the top soil before planting and your soil will be nice and rich. Then plant your vegetables and watch them grow!

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