Humidity Requirements for Greenhouse Gardening

Humidity Tips for Growing Year Round in Garden Green House Structures

Greenhouse Gardening HumidityThe humidity conditions inside your hobby greenhouse are essential to your plants and vegetation and therefore, you should always know what the humidity is within your greenhouse.

  • Humidity is measured via relative humidity, which is the ratio of the water’s weight in the air to the capability or capacity of the air itself to hold the water.

Changing Temperatures and Humidity in Greenhouses

Greenhouse Dome Ventilation

Different temperatures will change the humidity in the air, so it is vital to understand that as the temperature in your greenhouse changes, so does the humidity.

  • For example, during the day when the sun is shining into your greenhouse, it heats up and there therefore allows the air to hold moisture. At night, on the other hand, the temperature falls in your greenhouse and as the temperature falls, the air also loses the ability to continue to hold water.

Greenhouse Condensation

Condensation Problems

When the air within your greenhouse has too much moisture, condensation will appear on the top surface of your plants, vegetables, and flowers.

  • While this might seem like a good thing, it can be problematic in greenhouses because it can lead to fungi growth on the leaves, which can quickly turn into mildew.
  • Luckily, there are many greenhouse accessories that can solve this problem.

Gorgeous Woman Waters Flower Pot Plants

The Best Humidity Levels

Since the changing temperature within the greenhouse also changes the relative humidity, you will need to know how much the temperature changes at night versus during the day.

  • Controlling humidity levels will also control condensation problems.

Controlling Green House Humidity

Best Ways to Control Humidity

The best way to prevent problems with humidity inside your greenhouse is to control it and there is several methods to do so.

  • The easiest way to control the humidity in the air is via your watering system.
  • This means you only give the water amount the plants or vegetation needs.
  • By over-watering, you create the environment for humidity levels to be all over the map.
  • If you have a large greenhouse, such as the size of commercial greenhouses, you might want to look into an automatic watering system in order to make sure the foliage is only receiving the water they need and nothing extra.
  • In addition, you can also use good ventilation in order to keep the optimal levels of humidity in your greenhouse.
  • Ventilation equalizes the levels of humidity within the greenhouse so that you are not experiencing spikes and peeks, which is what leads to the humidity issues in the first place.

Final Thoughts

    While humidity is needed in a greenhouse, too much humidity or uncontrolled humidity can lead to a whole host of problems including mildew build up on the plants via condensation, which can having damaging effects on your plants and other foliage.

  • Lastly, ensure your greenhouse has a good drainage system, you do not want water to become trapped in the greenhouse since this will in fact spike the humidity levels.

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