How to Manage Humidity in a Greenhouse

Green house humidity is critical in the success or failure of greenhouse management.

That’s why it’s important for you to read this tutorial on how to manage humidity in a greenhouse garden anywhere.

  • On one hand, too low humidity means that the plants will not thrive and may even die before their time, so to speak.
  • On the other hand, too high humidity will result in viral and fungal infections on the greenhouse plants.

Greenhouse Dehumidifier

How to Manage Green House HumidityWith that being said, it is important to maintain just the right levels of humidity inside the greenhouse regardless of the humidity outside of the structure.

Novice greenhouse gardeners need not worry about learning complex ideas about humidity and its related concepts as there are tools that assist in this regard.

How to Maintain Perfect Humidity in a Greenhouse

Desirable Greenhouse Humidity Levels

Managing Greenhouse Humidity

But before we can discuss the ways to maintain humidity, we must first know of the desirable humidity levels.

  • These levels depend on the area where the greenhouse is located and the types of plants cultivated within the structure.
  • The general rule is that plants cultivated in warmer climate zones can tolerate higher levels of humidity, as well greenhouse wind can help to make more condensation and humidity within the structure.


Still, to take the guesswork out of greenhouse gardening, the following rules of thumb between temperature and humidity apply:

How to Control the Humidity in Greenhouses

Humidity (in percent) – Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)

  • 83 – 50
  • 89 – 61
  • 91 – 68
  • 95 – 86


Guesswork is also not necessary to determine both numbers as there are scientific tools for this purpose.

  • A room thermometer is used to measure temperature while a hydrometer measures the humidity, both instruments of which should be installed inside the greenhouse.
  • Often, people also install a greenhouse humidifier, if they are having trouble maintaining enough global warming humidity in the green house.

How to Control Humidity in a Greenhouse

Ways to Control Humidity in a Greenhouse

Like all other aspects of greenhouse gardening, humidity control involves a certain amount of study and attention into its theoretical and practical aspects.

Controlling Greenhouse Humidity Levels

The following are the most practical tips to achieve near-perfect humidity levels in the greenhouse.

Keep in mind, however, that humidity is just one aspect of successful greenhouse gardening.
  1. How to Manage Greenhouse HumidityEnsure that the greenhouse is dry especially when the night comes and the temperature drops, then greenhouse condensation begins to accumulate. Puddles of water on the greenhouse floor as well as water on the leaves and growing media evaporates during the night, adds to the moisture level and, thus, takes away the energy that should have gone to keeping the greenhouse warm. There are a few ways to solve this, the easiest being buying yourself a greenhouse dehumidifier.
  2. Put sufficient spaces between plants so that the accumulated water under the canopies can evaporate during the day.
  3. Remove the weeds in the greenhouse. Not only do weeds become parasites to plants but these also generate more moisture through the process of transpiration. In this line, the greenhouse floor must be well-drained and free from weeds.
  4. Greenhouse Humidity and Temperature ThermometerInstall an anti-drip plastic. This way, the moisture will be drained either to the eave or the foundation instead of forming into droplets and then dripping into the plants. If a wetting agent is not possible, then a steep roof pitch or a double glazed roof will do the trick of keeping moisture to minimal levels.
  5. The ventilation and heating systems must be programmed to work together. The cycle of these combined systems should be done early in the morning during sunrise and 2-3 times per hour in the evening after sunset.

Greenhouse Humidifier


These ways may seem complicated, but the opposite is true.

With a little patience, perseverance and passion for greenhouse gardening, humidity control can be done without breaking a sweat.

How to Manage Humidity in a Green House Structure


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