How to Help the Plants in My Greenhouse Grow

Many gardeners who have had success in outdoor gardening can pretty easily make the leap to gardening in a greenhouse.


help plants growWhile it does require some changes in techniques to meet the specific needs of greenhouse plants, it is well worth the effort.

Greenhouses provide a means of growing your favorite plants all year round, and starting your seedlings much more easily – without the fear of frost killing them off.

You will need to get some special equipment and learn some specific methods for successful greenhouse gardening, but these small expenses are well worth the effort.


Proper Preparation

greenhouse preparation
Taking the time to prepare your greenhouse properly before planting is a major key to preventing potential problems from cropping up.

Make sure your greenhouse is well situated for the crops you are planning to grow.

Check all of your equipment, including fans, thermometers, lights and heaters, to make sure everything is in good working order.

Check the overall structure for any cracks in windows or tears in the seams. If any breaks are discovered, make sure to seal them properly.


Proper Planting

pot plantsWhether you are planting in pots or in raised beds, you will need to make sure that there is enough room for air circulation between the plants.

In raised beds, you can weed out any weak or thin plants as they grow to provide more space for the hardier ones.


If you are using pots, set them up far enough apart so that air can circulate freely.

This will help to keep plant sickness away.


greenhouse shade nettingAlso make sure that your plants are placed properly according to their sunlight requirements.

Some plants demand full sunlight, and should be placed in a section where they will get full exposure throughout the day.

Other plants need more shade, or only partial sunlight, so avoid putting those plants in direct light.

Hardier plants can be placed around the perimeters of your greenhouse, where temperatures will be a little cooler.


More sensitive plants will do better near the middle where they will be well protected from major temperature fluctuations.


Proper Maintenance

plant irrigationMaintain consistent humidity in the greenhouse by watering frequently.

Under or overwatering can be a serious problem in a greenhouse, so make sure to pay close attention to the specific needs of your climate and plants.


If you are not able to maintain consistent watering, consider purchasing an automatic irrigation system that works on a timer to keep your plants properly watered.


greenhouse lightingWhen temperatures drop, you may need to provide additional heating during the night to keep your plants warm enough.

During hot weather, it may be necessary to provide more ventilation.

If you are using artificial heating during the winter, make sure to up your watering as well as the greenhouse will tend to dry out faster.

Because your plants are growing in containers, they will need regular fertilizing. You can use a water-soluble fertilizer ever four to six weeks.


Proper Protection

mold removalGreenhouses are prime spots for mold and fungus, which can quickly destroy a lovely crop of vegetables.

Watch your greenhouse carefully for any signs of mold or fungus growth.

Check corners, cracks, and joints for any signs of mold and quickly get rid of any you may find.


Keeping mold at bay is vital to growing healthy plants.

By catching it quickly, you can prevent it from spreading to any of your plants. If a plant does get infected, make sure to remove it as soon as possible to prevent further infection.


Pyrethrum SpraySpray your plants regularly with a pyrethrum spray whenever you see flying or crawling insects.

Pests can quickly decimate a greenhouse crop, and they can be difficult to get rid of once your greenhouse is infested.

The best protection is proper prevention by maintaining an environment that bugs won’t like.

Keep the floor free of organic waste, and regularly spray your plants with an organic insect repellent.

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