How to Clean White Mold in Greenhouses

Greenhouses offer many benefits to gardeners, but they also have their issues. Mold is one such issue.


reduce mold growthSince they are such warm and moist environments, it is easy to see how mold can flourish.

However, it is dangerous to leave it be it must be cleaned off the structure, not only for your protection, but also for the plants’ health inside the greenhouse.

If left to grow, it can even attach to the plants destroying what you can work so hard to grow.


White Mold

control mold growthWhite mold is one of the molds that love to thrive in your greenhouse.

It will like the hidden darker corners of the structures it does not grow in full sun.

This is a white fungus that is the same consistency of mucous or very thin paper.

Once you know that you are dealing with white mold you can proceed on cleaning the structure and repotting plants in fresh soil if necessary to get rid of it.


Check the Plants

treat mold growthCheck your plants and see if the white mold has traveled to any of them.

If so, you need to repot them in fresh soil.

Also, treat them with an antifungal spray.

Throw the old dirt away in a trash bag.

If the mold is on the plant instead of the dirt dispose of the whole plant.




Cleaning White Mold

white mold removalFirst, start by scraping the mold from the surfaces it has been growing.

You can do this with hoe, razor blade or other tools.

Place all mold scraped off of the greenhouse in a container for disposal.

A plastic trash bag will work for this.

Wash your hands thoroughly.


cleaning white moldNext put some plastic or latex gloves on for protection from the detergents and bleach you will be using in the several steps to follow.

No need to dry out your hands while working.

Now mix some cleaning solution in your bucket.

Mix one part dish detergent to one part warm water.

Use a new sponge or cloth to wash the whole area affected by the white mold. Some areas may take a stiff brush to get the mold off of them.

Let it dry thoroughly before proceeding.



  • The next step involves bleach, so you might want a face mask to breathe through, on top of wearing your gloves.
  • Take a gallon of warm water and about 1/4 cup of bleach and mix together.
  • Now rewash what you washed with the detergent.
  • You should not let any of this solution get on your plants.
  • Bleach will kill plants.
  • Let the solution sit for 30 minutes.
  • Rewash everything you just washed again with this bleach solution.
  • Then let this one dry for about 30 minutes.

get rid of mold
Another step to take is to take a detergent that contains borate and mix about 65 percent of it with about 35 percent of warm water.

Spread this mixture on the whole area that had the white mold and let it stay.

This will keep the white mold from growing again in this area.

Now all the utensils, buckets and tools need to be washed in a similar bleach solution to the one you used on the affected area.

This will make sure there is not any mold on them.

Just let them dry or wipe them dry.


Some More Preventive Measures

greenhouse ventilationBesides cleaning the greenhouse regularly to keep mold at bay, there are some other preventative measures, as well.

Increase the circulation of air by running fans in the greenhouse.

This helps the moisture level not get out of control.

Also, make sure there are not that many dark places where the white mold likes to live.

If you can let enough natural sunlight in the greenhouse to prevent the growth of white mold then add some artificial light.


  1. Also, install meters to monitor the humidity and temperature levels.
  2. This way you know if the greenhouse is too humid or too warm.
  3. This will help you not only protect it from white mold, but also other forms of mold and mildew.


greenhouse temperature
When you properly maintain your greenhouse it is easier to mold at bay.

Through doing this, you also help ensure the health of your plants.

You want to do everything you can do to give your plants a healthy environment to thrive in, so that you can have an ideal harvest.

This is true no matter what you are growing from vegetables to flowers.

Check your greenhouse today for signs of white mold or other mold and mildew, be safe not sorry.

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