How Adding Soil Compost Will Effect Plants

October 22, 2009 By Administrator

Learn How Adding Premium Soil Compost to A Garden will Affect Plants

Just about anyone can tell you that compost is good for plants, but this is often all they can tell you. Compost does a lot of things for plants, and there are many reasons for this. Understanding some of the things compost is capable of is the first step in knowing how best to use your compost.

One of the most basic functions compost serves is to add nutrients into the soil that might have been missing. If a certain spot is planted in for a long time, the nutrients in that area can be depleted, making it more and more difficult for plants to grow well there.

If you take some rich compost and till it into the soil you will be adding a whole bunch of nutrients back into the soil. This will help all your plants to grow faster and have a better yield.

You can also take compost and place it right on your plants. You can tuck it around the base of the plant and it acts like slow-release fertilizer. You can get an impressive amount of growth from your plants by using compost in and on the soil.

Whether you are making your own compost or buying someone else’s, you need to make sure that it has a wide variety of things in it. The more variety of plant wastes that is put into the compost, the more nutritious it will be for your plants.

There are also other ways in which compost makes just about any type of soil better for plants to live in. Compost can help soil to hold water better if it is very sandy, or drain better if it has high clay content. Basically, if you have problematic soil, adding compost to it will get it closer to an ideal state. You will be less likely to drown your plants because the soil isn’t draining, and you won’t be wasting water in soil that can’t hold moisture.

Using Earthworms in Compost Piles

Good soil promotes the presence of creatures like earthworms, which are great at aerating the soil around your plants. Worms also take wastes in the soil and break them down, making even more nutritious compost for your plants to enjoy.

With all the amazing improvements that compost makes to soil, it will help your plants be stronger and healthier. This makes them more resistant to disease and insects, which can ravage weak and sickly plants.

Compost is just a great thing to add to your garden overall. It adds so much to your soil and gives a lot to your plants. If you make your own compost, it is a much cheaper alternative to buying pre-made compost, and puts more waste to good use. With just a little compost, you will start seeing fantastic improvements in your garden and planters.

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