Growing Food the Green Way is Very Beneficial!

Why Growing Your Own Food the Green Way is Very Beneficial

Many people today are growing their own food organically or the green way. There are many benefits to growing your own food. For one thing you do not have to use pesticides if you don’t want to. A lot of people today don’t want their food grown with pesticides. Also you can use only natural ways to fertilize your garden such as compost. This way you do not have the toxins in your food or running off into the ground water.

When you don’t put toxins of the pesticides and fertilizers into the ground water you are doing something good for the planet too. This is the green way to grow food for sure. You are not harming the planet in the process of growing your own food. Too many chemicals get in our water these days as it is. Food fresh from the garden has more nutritional value too than that bought in the stores.

Home grown vegetables taste better right out of the garden too. There is nothing like fresh corn and green beans that you pick from your garden and cook for supper that night. They taste so much better than the produce out of the grocery store. You can also grow unique varieties of vegetables compared to what is in the grocery store too. Better types of strawberries, tomatoes, corn, and more.

The kids are more likely to eat their vegetable when they help plant them and watch them grow. They take pride in their accomplishment of growing the vegetables. They may even come up with some good recipes too. One fun thing to grow for the kids is popcorn, but you can’t grow this near regular corn it will make it tough. Fresh harvested popcorn is heaven.

You can also teach your kids that by growing their own food they will be more self sufficient as they get older. They will be better equipped to take care of themselves and provide healthy food for them.

Another large benefit from growing your own food is that you save money. For just a small amount of money for seeds you can grow a whole garden full of food. You can freeze and can the vegetables from the garden too, so that you can enjoy the fresh taste all winter long.

You can grow these vegetables either in a regular dirt garden with composting to give your soil nutrients, or you could try hydroponic gardening too. You can use all natural nutrients in either area. With hydroponics you don’t have to worry about pests or diseases that come from the soil either since you don’t use any soil.

If you harvest more food than you and your family can use then you can share with friends and relatives. Better yet teach your kids charity and give the excess food to someone in need of it. Then you teach your children to give back which is an important lesson to teach children.

So grow your own food organically today. You will teach your kids to be self sufficient while doing something good for the environment. You and your family will also enjoy the food tasting better too and having more nutritional value too coming straight from the garden to the table. Enjoy your harvest!

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