How to Build a Greenhouse Plans: Things to Plan

Planning & Building a Homemade Greenhouse Structure

When planning and building a homemade greenhouse structure you must plan ahead and consider a few important things.

Follow these hobby greenhouse construction plans and tips for certain success!

You need to make a checklist of all these items so that you don’t forget any element that your greenhouse may need.

  • This checklist needs to be made even before drawing up or buying plans for your greenhouse.
  • Go ahead and select your location and figure out what size of one you want, and then write down your checklist.
  • A sample of what should be on this checklist is before.

Greenhouse Foundation

1.  A type of foundation for the greenhouse, needs to be decided on.

  • You can choose from pressure treated wood, concrete slab, or concrete block or wall.
  • Some people use the pressure-treated wood because it is the quickest method of laying out the foundation, while others like the options of using concrete that are listed next.
  • For a more permanent foundation, the concrete slab poured to the frost line is the way to go.
  • If you choose this type though make sure to add texture to it to keep it from being slippery when wet.
  • The concrete block or wall is another great way of setting the foundation for a greenhouse.
  • Examine your choices and decide which foundation is for you.

Greenhouse Frame

2.  Select what your greenhouses framework will be made of.

  • Some use PVC tubing or pipe, others like aluminum or painted aluminum.
  • Many gardeners buy their framing materials and do not build their own, because most people do not own pipe bending tools and experience needed to complete the task.
  • The frame is one of the critical parts of the process, it determines the strength the structure will have.
  • This is up to you and the shape of the structure you are planning, which we will discuss later in more depth and detail.

Greenhouse Plans

3.  Choosing the greenhouse structures exterior and interior paneling materials, usually people go with polycarbonate, plastic, or glass greenhouses.

  • Now your greenhouse can have regular glass panes in it on both sides and top, but remember the regular glass is a bit fragile especially in storms.
  • Tempered glass is much stronger if you are going to have glass panes on your greenhouse.
  • If you are only building a temporary greenhouse though you can even use plastic sheeting to cover your structure.

Greenhouse Floor

4.  Flooring is an important consideration for any greenhouse.

  • If you have a concrete slab your floor is taken care of, just make sure you have enough texture on the concrete to make it a bit slip proof.
  • With the other foundations use a combination of landscape fabric along with gravel under your planting benches.
  • Use either bricks or treated lumber for a walkway through the greenhouse.
  • Many people simply put their greenhouse in their backyard with wood, concrete, brick, or even tile.
  • Keep in mind greenhouse maintenance and upkeep while purchasing the surface floors.

DIY Hobby Greenhouse Construction

5.  Now that you have listed the above items mark down, it’s time to decide what shape you want the greenhouse built into.

  • There are several types of greenhouse and outdoor structures, to choose from including a Quonset shape, lean to, attached, carport, commercial, hobby, or a simple small portable greenhouses.
  • This may depend on your site too and how the sun hits it.
  • You can find many designs for the shape on the Internet.
  • Most gardeners will go with either 3′ x 5′ greenhouses, 5′ x 5′ greenhouses, 7′ x 7′ greenhouses, 12′ x 7′ greenhouses, or 8′ x 12′ greenhouses.

Greenhouse Plans

6.  Draw or buy your plans for the greenhouse now that you have decided on all the other items listed here.

  • Make sure your plans fit the size of structure you need.

Include all these items in the greenhouse plans, and build accordingly.

  • Then all you will need to do is fill it with your planting benches or tables, and start planting your seeds or your starter plants.
  • When your plants start to mature you will be so glad you made an investment in your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Construction & Planning Resources:

Small Greenhouse PlansThe benefits of growing plants in a greenhouse can enjoyed sans the costs of building a large greenhouse. Learn how to plan and construct small greenhouses.

Commercial Greenhouse PlansThe market for organic agricultural products is a multi-million dollar market. One of the best ways to profit from it is through planning, choosing and then building the most suitable commercial greenhouse plans. Of course, the process itself takes time, effort and money from conceptualization to realization but the substantial profits that can come with commercial greenhouses make everything worthwhile.

Wood Greenhouse PlansWith the advances in modern technology, greenhouses are made from materials like metals, polycarbonate film and glass as is the case with one of the largest hothouses in the world – the Eden Project in Cornwall. Of course, these greenhouses require plenty of time, effort and money from the construction to the operation, which means that average homeowners can miss out on the benefits of greenhouse gardening. Fortunately, this is not so as there are affordable and manageable wood greenhouse plans suitable for homeowners with small backyards.

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  1. Kathleen Rowe says

    Building a greenhouse may seem a difficult task, but once you’re provided with such detailed instructions, everything becomes a lot easier. Thank you for explaining all the aspects in such a great detail!

  2. Leonard Mitchell says

    This article really breaks down the problem of building a greenhouse into ideas that are very easy to understand. Now even beginners know which criteria should be taken into consideration when building the perfect environment for the plants!

  3. tim says

    just built my greenhouse last year with pvc and lexan i got from I Plastic Supply, looks great and love it!


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