Common Beginner Gardening Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Gardeners

Even when new gardeners are armed with gardening know-how and advice, there are still numerous beginning gardener mistakes that take place.  There are a few things that should be done in order to avoid common beginning gardener mistakes.

Common Beginner Gardening Mistakes

Firstly, before any flower, vegetable, vine, tree, or shrub is placed into the ground, it is important to prepare the soil.

  • The highest grade plant material that is available can be easily purchased.
  • However, if your soil is not prepared in the correct way, your garden may be doomed to failure.
  • It is important to know your soil.
  • You can begin with a top soil if you wish; however, due to the fact that top soil by itself is too heavy and dense and is limited due to porosity, water retention and lack of nutrients, it is required that you add a lighter material to it.

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  1. Luke Buckley says

    I’m still a beginner with all this gardening stuff, so I really appreciate the advices that you share here. The type of the soil and its moisture seems to influence very much the germination of the seeds and the development of the plants, so I’ll pay more attention to this factor in the future. Keep these tips coming!

  2. Lavinia Shepard says

    We weren’t all born experts, but with such guides we can all gain experience, at least in theory. Besides reading what’s posted here, I also like to watch videos on how to germinate various types of seeds, on what soil to use and not at last, on what fertilizers to use. Still, organic compost seems to replace fertilizers in more and more gardens nowadays.

  3. Robert Fitzpatrick says

    Not a long time ago I was a beginner gardener, myself. One thing I can tell you: if you know where to get your info from, if you’re willing to invest a bit and to experiment till you get things right, you’ll surely gain experience. I’m thankful that I found this blog, cause I learned a lot of stuff in a short period of time.


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