Tips for Starting a Commercial Greenhouse

How to Start Commercial Greenhouses

Starting a Commercial Greenhouse Business

Any size of greenhouse will do for a small, gardening hobby.

However, if you are going to be growing and selling plants you will need one of the commercial greenhouses to have enough room.

  • This way you can grow all the plants you need to make a profit.
  • There are various designs of these structures some are more efficient than others.

Commercial Greenhouse Plants

You can have a single large greenhouse for your commercial purposes or several connected together.

  • It just depends on how much space you actually need for growing your crop, whatever it is.
  • There are different materials these greenhouses are made of too.

Installing a Commercial Greenhouse Structure

Before installing one of these commercial greenhouses on your property, you need to check the local-building codes.

This is not like installing a backyard version.

  • These might be prohibited in your location.
  • Zoning laws could apply.
  • Also, you might need a certain amount of acreage to put them one.

Large Commercial Green House Kit

Once you have gotten permission, you can go pick out the commercial green house kit, that you wish to install on your property.

Are you going to use a gabled one, a ridge one where multiples can be added together or a curved-arch one covered with polycarbonates?

  • Each one has their advantages and disadvantages.
  • It comes down to which one will serve you the best.

Large Commercial Greenhouse Business

Now if you are going to be having customers to your commercial greenhouse venture, do you have adequate parking for them?

Is it also easy to get to your greenhouse from the road? Oh, you are good on both of these things? Great then we can proceed with other information.

If you are still looking for you acreage though, remember to get some away from industries that pollute the air or water. This would not be good for you plants.

  • You want clean air and water to grow your plants to maturity.

The climate in your area needs to be ideal for winter or summer growing if you are going to grow things year round.

  • Now you can add heat to some structures to overcome the temperature, but you must have enough sunlight each day for the plants to grow properly all year round.

The ground slop needs to be sufficient for proper drainage of water.

  • A gravel base should be used that is about a foot above the grade of the land.

Commercial Greenhouse Electricity

Make sure to have a source for electricity for your commercial greenhouse.

You will need this for heat and/or ventilation fans.

  • This will have to be installed by a licensed electrician who knows local regulations.
  • A permit typically is needed from the proper authorities.

Commercial Greenhouse Business Lighting

Allow an area to expand in case your business grows enough to merit it.

  • You would not want to have to purchase more land later when it could cost more.

Follow all the above tips and your commercial greenhouse will be a success.

  • Your plants will flourish lavishly.
  • The more healthy ones you have to sell the more money you will make.
  • So look into buying a commercial greenhouse kit today.

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    • admin says

      Your exactly right. There are so many benefits of a greenhouse, you can save money on organic produce and become healthier b/c they do not contain harmful chemicals. Stress relief is also a big factor!

  1. Jimbo says

    Did not see one of the biggest deal killers mentioned – Water.

    Do you have legal access to water, can you access and file for water rights in your area, how much water will you use, if using water from a municipal source, will they allow you and how much water and at what cost?

    These are just a few of the questions one should ask about Water.

    Arrived here from and a Commercial Ornamental Grower since 1972.

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