Choosing LED Grow Lights for a Hydroponics Garden

You may want to Choose LED Grow Lights for Hydroponic Gardening!

Hydroponics gardening systems are quickly becoming more popular to use. Before you get started as a hydroponic gardener, however, you need to know how to build a hydroponic system, if you can’t buy a machine. Since you are creating an artificial environment to grow the plants in, you must provide for all their needs. One thing which plants cannot grow without is of course light.

How do LED growing lights work?

Plants convert light into energy through photosynthesis. This is a natural process which your plants need to live. While plants definitely prefer sunlight, you can fool them into thinking that the light they’re receiving comes from the sun. LED grow lights are excellent for providing your plants the same type of light that they’re used to getting outdoors.

What are LED lights?

You are most likely already aware of what LED lights are, but if you don’t, it means light emitting diode. This is just a simple semiconductor that that contains diodes with terminals, which permit electricity to flow only one way.

Various things have to happen for the LED-lights to be able to light up. This can produce various colors of light. LEDs are used for many applications other than hydroponics, such as TV remote controls and other electronic devices.

LED Lights are Not Needed in Greenhouse Gardens

When you are growing plants in a greenhouse you need to be sure they have sufficient lighting in place of the sunlight they would normally receive outdoors. Providing your plants with proper lighting will help the plants thrive and be healthy. Blue lighting is best for immature plants that are in the earlier phases of their growth cycle. Red and orange light, however is best for those plants that are almost mature or are in the fruiting or flowering stages. This is not where you buy your favorite color, you need to instead buy the right color for the stage of growth your plants are currently at. You will probably want to set up two sections, one for young plants and one for older plants.

Many of the lighting choices out there give off too much heat and can adversely affect your plants. LED lights don’t cause this problem, because they run very cool in comparison to other types of lighting. LED lights also have the advantage that they last much longer than other lights.

Alternative Options for Lighting A Hydroponics Garden

LED lights are not the only kind of lights you could choose for hydroponic gardening. There are also MH, HPS, and HID lights to choose from. It is important to educate yourself on your lighting options if you intend to become knowledgeable about hydroponic gardening.

Many people do decide on LED grow lights though, because of their longevity and cooler operating temperatures, both of which can make hydroponic gardening easier.

Have a look at LED lights and compare them to your other lighting options and evaluate their merits for yourself.

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  1. Xander Lloyd says

    Your hydroponics system may end up looking nothing less than a Christmas tree if you have plants with different demands and you decide to use LED lights. The author of this article is right about the various requirements of the plants in terms of light color. I think the other articles are well documented, too, fact that makes this “blog” quite a resource for gardeners!

  2. Gray Hayden says

    My energy bill is way smaller now that I use LED lights instead of fluorescent bulbs. The plants also seem to develop a bit faster since using these lights, but that may be just me. Anyway, it was worth making this change!

  3. Lillian Sween says

    The plants I grow seemed to be affected by the amount of heat dissipated by my normal lighting system. Of course, this is no longer a problem now. The author of this article helped me realize how important LED lights are, and not only in terms of heat.

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