How to Clean White Mold in Greenhouses

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Greenhouses offer many benefits to gardeners, but they also have their issues. Mold is one such issue.   Since they are such warm and moist environments, it is easy to see how mold can flourish. However, it is dangerous to leave it be it must be cleaned off the structure, not only for your protection, but also for the plants' health inside the greenhouse. If left … [Read more...]

Uses of a Greenhouse

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Greenhouses make a perfect addition to any home or apartment, no matter how big or small the space might be.   Some people have the opportunity to install huge greenhouses that will hold a year's worth of fruits and vegetables while others use small indoor greenhouses that are kept in the corner of the room in their apartment or shared home. Greenhouses come in a … [Read more...]

How to Over Winter Plants in an Unheated Greenhouse

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Overwintering is the practice keeping plants indoors during the winter.   This is typically necessary when a foreign plant is unable to survive the local climate. Gardeners are often able to overwinter their plants in an unheated greenhouse, although this may require additional protective measures for plants in especially cold climates. Overwintering generally … [Read more...]

Popular Accessories for the Medium Sized Greenhouse

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If you have been thinking about purchasing a medium sized greenhouse, there are many accessories that can help with the ventilation, plant growth and pest control.     Determining what you need in advance will save time and money later on. Getting a head start on the season by sowing your seedlings in a greenhouse may not seem difficult to do until you run … [Read more...]

What to Compost – Facts Made Simple


Almost everything can be kept out of the local landfills if you know what to compost and what to recycle. This will help you save some extra money and give you the satisfaction of knowing you are ‘doing the right thing for the planet'.     Even if you are not a home gardener you can still use the newly finished compost to amend the soil in your … [Read more...]