Apartment & Indoor Greenhouses

If you live in an apartment and yet you still want to have your own garden the whole year-round, then indoor greenhouses are the best solution to your dilemma.

  • You can plant almost any type of plants and flowers in a portable greenhouse, which makes for a vibrant source of oxygen and beauty in your home.
  • The trick is in choosing and maintaining your indoor greenhouse for maximum effect.  Here is how.

Choose the Greenhouse Kit

Plastic Indoor Green House

You can make an indoor greenhouse of your own out of a plant stand, clear plastic, a few bulbs and wires and some potted plants.

  • If you have a knack for do-it-yourself projects, then this is the more affordable options for you.
  • Basically, you just have to cut the clear plastic to make a sheet cover over your plat stand, place bulbs in strategic places to provide the heat and light to the plants, and set up your indoor DIY greenhouse in a place that receives as much sunlight as possible.

However, if you want to set up your indoor greenhouse as soon as possible, then purchasing a greenhouse kit is for you.

  • Although the actual contents will vary from one kit to another, you should be provided with the following basic components:

1. Base

  • You can either choose the simple flower pot-type structure of smaller kits or the larger kits with up to four shelves

2. Potting soil or peat

  • Keep in mind that greenhouse gardening requires a different type of soil than normal gardening.  For hydroponics gardens, however, you will be provided with liquid nutrient solution together with sand, gravel and coconut fiber instead.

3. Cover

  • This can either come in glass, polyurethane and fiberglass, each one of which has its own advantages.

4. Lighting materials

  • Even if you can position the indoor greenhouse in a space filled with sunlight during the summer, special fluorescent lamps are necessary during the winter to provide the heat and light for the plants.

5. Watering kit

  • This is applicable for indoor hydroponics gardens and will usually consist of a spray mechanism, a reservoir and a timer.

Small Coldframe Greenhouse

Of course, your choice for an indoor greenhouse kit will be influenced by the size of the location you will be placing it in and the type of plants you want to grow.

  • For example, greenhouses for herbs are usually smaller and can be placed on a large windowsill than those applicable to larger plants that need to be placed on the floor.

Going back to the cover of the greenhouse, you should choose based on your planting needs.

  • A glass greenhouse is good when you want to start planting early in spring and late in winter since it is easier to heat and lets in light better.
  • A polyurethane greenhouse is very cost efficient and easy to install but may not be the best option for early season growing, not to mention that you have to watch out for excessive condensation.
  • A fiberglass greenhouse is more durable than polyurethane but lets in significantly lesser light than glass.

Choose the Location

In many ways, choosing the location of your indoor greenhouse is similar to selecting the place for your outdoor greenhouse.

  • The similarities include flat and level ground, sufficient amount of sunlight during summer and maximum amount during winter, access to water and electricity for watering and heating purposes, and minimum traffic especially when you have pets and small children around the apartment.

Apartment Balcony Grow Rack GreenhouseFor indoor greenhouses positioned in the basement, you will have to install special equipment to ward off the cold during winter and to provide maximum artificial heat and light anytime of the year.

  • You have to exercise more care and caution in this case if you want to ensure that your plants will flourish even in such dark and cold conditions.

An advantage of an indoor greenhouse is that you can actually transform these into storage areas when not in use.

  • Of course, you should always exercise proper caution when doing it so as to extend the life of your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Gardening Cucumbers

Choose the Plants

The best thing about an indoor greenhouse is that you can plant almost any type of plants and flowers you want anytime of the year.

  • You can plant perennials and annuals, herbs and orchids, fruits and vegetables depending on the space available in your greenhouse.
  • Of course, trees are out of the question.

Just to name a few of these plants:

Organic Greenhouse Strawberries

1. Orchids

  • One of the easiest to grow, not to mention one of the most colorful, of orchids is the Cattleya variety.  Since it likes very humid conditions and high temperatures, your indoor greenhouse will provide the best environment.

2. Ferns

  • You can choose from many species like Maidenhair, Staghorn and Boston.  You have to frequently spray with a mister to prevent browning of the leaves.

3. Herbs

  • If you want to have a sweet-smelling indoor garden reminiscent of countryside gardens, then planting herbs like rosemary and sage is for you.

4. Calathea

  • These will only grow in humid and hot conditions, of which your indoor greenhouse can be under the right conditions.  You can choose from many varieties with colorful and bright flowers shaped like snow cones, rattle snakes and beehives.

5. Begonias

  • With their variety of colors and textures, begonias are great plants for indoor settings.  Be sure to provide adequate shade for year-round growing.

Portable Apartment Greenhouse

Indoor greenhouses are great investments that are easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to love.

  • You will have the advantages of having a garden inside your cramped home, which requires little care than a full-blown outdoor greenhouse.  And the beauty you can admire plus the added oxygen in your home cannot be beat either!

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  1. Linus Harrison says

    I have a couple of portable greenhouses mounted in my balcony To be honest, I wish I owned a home with a proper backyard where a real greenhouse can be set up, but in the current conditions, the portable ones are good, too. One of them has shelves, while the other one, which is taller, allows me to grow taller plants.

  2. Luke Pruitt says

    Not all portable greenhouses are adequate for tall plants, but for smaller ones they seem to be the perfect solution. The balcony provides plenty of room for a couple of these, so I can enjoy growing aromatic herbs throughout the entire year!

  3. Martha Duncan says

    Finally someone mentions about the oxygen that the plants from portable greenhouses generate! This is why we should all have such greenhouses in our balconies or patios! The plants are protected from harsh weather, and we get all the necessary oxygen!

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