Popular Accessories for the Medium Sized Greenhouse

If you have been thinking about purchasing a medium sized greenhouse, there are many accessories that can help with the ventilation, plant growth and pest control.



medium greenhouse accessories
Determining what you need in advance will save time and money later on.

Getting a head start on the season by sowing your seedlings in a greenhouse may not seem difficult to do until you run into a problem that could devastate your crop.

Here are a few tips for greenhouse growing and the accessories that make the job easier, more productive and a lot more fun.


Heating and Lighting

greenhouse heatersThe winters can seem long and harsh with wishes that you could utilize your greenhouse for growing tropical plants that bear fruit, work on repairs or just have someplace to go and enjoy live plants.

There are ways to keep a greenhouse function year round by taking a few steps of preparation and purchasing the right tools.

Insulation, shade curtains and an array of heating systems can increase your greenhouse temperature by 50 degrees and make the perfect conditions inside while the snow falls outside.


  • There are two separate types of heating systems that work well with greenhouses.
  • Electric utility heaters are great for small areas that are partitioned off during the winter months.
  • This gives you the opportunity to keep your plants thriving without having to heat the entire interior.
  • However, if your greenhouse plants have expanded to use most of your interior space, central heating systems that are run by a central boiler can be installed and regulated from outside of the greenhouse.
  • There are several categories of heating units in respect to the energy used including convection, radiant and solar.


greenhouse lightingWith very little light during the winter months, lighting can be a concern to your plants’ health and welfare.

Plants need a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight in any given day and this is difficult to achieve with shortened days.

Fluorescents are a good choice for being able to regulate the amount of heat placed on plants.

More mature plants do not require the light that small plants and seedling need.

By using hanging fluorescents, you are free to move your plants around for the right amount of light.

Grow lights are another practical solution to providing fewer fixtures in your greenhouse and being able to better control clearance situations.



greenhouse ventilationNatural ventilation is always the best means of providing adequate air to plants in a greenhouse.

However, once the interior warms up, it is difficult to have the right cooling controls that mechanical methods can provide.

Almost all mechanical ventilation systems work with fans that pull out the heat while pumping in cooler air and lowering the inside temperature.

Depending on the size of your greenhouse, the proper air exchange capacity has to be rated according to your climate and amount of space to be cooled.


greenhouse fansThere are different sized circulation fans that promote moisture reduction while bringing about uniform temperatures.

Some have special fan jet systems that aid in high humidity situations plus variable speeds for different climates of the year.

Drums, pedestals and ceiling selections are a personal choice depending on your greenhouse layout.

Passive cooling is a great way to supplement your mechanical cooling system by keeping intense sun and heat away from plants.

Shade cloth that is porous can be placed in critical areas where the sun seems to be stronger. Shade sails are also a good solution for protecting against powerful UV light.



plant irrigationPlants need water and you cannot always ensure that they are adequately hydrated unless using an automatic watering system.

Different plants require certain watering requirements and this point needs to be considered before investing into any type of hydration system.

If you are using your greenhouse mainly for starter plants, capillary matting is an easy way to assure sub-irrigation.

Mats stay moistened to feed the roots but your containers need to be flat and no more than six inches tall.

Overhead misting is excellent for more mature plants that react well to overhead watering.

Placing a mist control on a timer will assure you of just the right amount of moisture and watering necessary.

Together with a good irrigation system, your plants will remain properly hydrated and healthy.



pest controlIf you have been in the gardening business long, you know that insects are just a natural way of life.

However, recognizing the good bugs that protect your plants and the bad bugs that eat your plants can make the difference between a good and bad crop.

Striking the right balance in destroying the right kinds of insects can be difficult without a little homework.

Killing them all is not the answer and harmful to many plant leaves. Instead of buying harmful chemicals that can do more harm than good, invest in a few insects that will take care of destructive bugs and help your plants in downsizing bacteria, viruses and other unpleasant problems.


pest identification
With a little research, you can find which insects are beneficial in your area in ridding your plants of nasty predators and protecting their well being at the same time.

Many varieties include ladybugs, praying mantises, green lacewings and assassin bugs.

Websites that have accessories and tools for greenhouses often host these insects.


A greenhouse can be a wonderful way of spending time and very fruitful in the returns that are generated. By taking the proper steps to keep your plants healthy and happy with accessories, you can have years of enjoyment from the finest looking plants that nature has to give.

Several greenhouse providers have the best-tested products to help extend your seasons and provide the right atmosphere for plants. Work up a plan on what you wish to achieve and get started with the right accessories for greenhouse growing.

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