Attached Lean to Greenhouse Kit

How to Decide the Location to Set Up Your Greenhouse

The decision of how to pick the location to set up your greenhouse is one of the most crucial as well as most significant decisions you will encounter when setting up your greenhouse.     To wit, picking the right location for your greenhouse can well mean the difference between experiencing growing success with your […]

How to Put Up a Greenhouse Plastic Roof

How to Put on a Greenhouse Plastic Roof

Learn How to Install on a Plastic Greenhouse Roof If you are building an arched type green house you already know that there is little to the construction of the green house other than the support arches, the front, back, door and roof. Since the roof of the arch style greenhouse also forms the sides […]

Homemade Hobby Greenhouse Plan

Hobby Greenhouse Plans

Hobby greenhouse plans will help you put together a greenhouse of your own if you love to garden. A greenhouse allows you to maintain a garden all year round no matter where you live.

Greenhouse Foundation

How to Build a Greenhouse Plans: Things to Plan

Planning & Building a Homemade Greenhouse Structure When planning and building a homemade greenhouse structure you must plan ahead and consider a few important things. Follow these hobby greenhouse construction plans and tips for certain success! You need to make a checklist of all these items so that you don’t forget any element that your […]

Beginner Gardening:


The air temperature that exists within a greenhouse is absolutely critical to plant growth. It is also an essential component to disease control and the survival of the plant life within the growth structure, in general.   Regardless of the season, the sun has the capability of providing a large amount of the heat requirements […]

How to Manage Greenhouse Humidity

Green house humidity is critical in the success or failure of greenhouse management. That’s why it’s important for you to read this tutorial on how to manage humidity in a greenhouse garden anywhere. On one hand, too low humidity means that the plants will not thrive and may even die before their time, so to […]

Tips for Grass Planting and Maintenance Upkeep Planting and upkeep of grass includes more than just sprinkling seeds in a lawn. Additional steps and care are needed to get the best results in yards. Learning these tips can lead to a greener and more lush landscape. These tips can be used for almost any size […]

Starting a Commercial Greenhouse Business

Read these tips for starting a commercial greenhouse garden and learn how to start commercial greenhouses quickly and easily!

Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Gardeners Even when new gardeners are armed with gardening know-how and advice, there are still numerous beginning gardener mistakes that take place.  There are a few things that should be done in order to avoid common beginning gardener mistakes. Firstly, before any flower, vegetable, vine, tree, or shrub is placed […]