EarthCare Sprout Greenhouse

EarthCare Sprout Greenhouse
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Please Note - The Sprout Greenhouses we currently have in stock are green in color, not silver as shown in the picture.

The new line of EarthCare Sprout Style Greenhouses are perfect for portable greenhouse gardening everywhere!

  • Sprout Greenhouse Kits are one of the best and most popular greenhouse kit purchases, because of their extreme portability, superior durability, and undeniably gorgeous appearance.


  1. With 2 levels of greenhouse shelving sprout greenhouse kits are ideal for small locations, including apartments, balconies, patios, backyards, and other places.
  2. Made with a strong durable aluminum framing.
  3. Quick setup and take down.
  4. This greenhouse has 4mm thick polycarbonate panels, which allow gardening all year long.
  5. Dimensions: 22.8 in x 38.6 in x 57.9 in
  6. Get free shipping for all customers living in the lower 48 states, United States.

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