Lean To Greenhouses

Lean To Greenhouses
Browse and shop through a selection of beautiful stylish high quality attachable lean-to greenhouses and leaning carport greenhouse kits on sale.
  • These gorgeous models are perfect for adding that extra something to your home garden!
  • The neighbors will be jealous of how amazing your home will look with your leaning greenhouse kit.
  • Perfect for attaching onto houses and do not require a tremendous effort to set up, and without causing damage to the home.
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2x4 Tool N Patio Greenhouse
The new EarthCare 2' x 4' Tool N Patio Lean to Greenhouse Kits are one of the smallest and least exp..
$329.99 $229.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Aluminum Lean to Greenhouse
Sorry, We re no longer carry the Gardmen Lean-To Hobby Greenhouses. BUT...... We still have sever..
$699.99 $529.99
Earthcare 4 x 6 Portable Greenhouse
The Earthcare 4 x 6 Portable Greenhouse Just what the someone looking to start a hobby-..
$169.99 $99.99
EarthCare 4' x 10' Lean to Greenhouse
The brand new EarthCare Lean to 4' x 10' Hobby Greenhouse Kits are designed to be quick and easy to ..
$899.95 $649.49
EarthCare 4' x 6' Lean to Greenhouse
Today, the EarthCare Lean to 4' x 6' Hobby Greenhouse Kit is one of the newest and best selling..
$699.95 $479.49
EarthCare 4' x 4' Lean-to Greenhouse
The EarthCare Lean-to 4' x 4' Greenhouse Kit is an extraordinary lean to greenhouse structure, ..
$599.95 $409.49
EarthCare 4' x 8' Lean to Greenhouse
EarthCare Lean to 4' x 8' Hobby Greenhouse Kits are a brand new addition to the lean-to greenhouse m..
$799.95 $599.49
EarthCare Sprout Greenhouse
Please Note - The Sprout Greenhouses we currently have in stock are green in color, not silver as sh..
$349.99 $224.95
Based on 1 reviews.
EarthCare Sprout Junior Greenhouse
The new EarthCare Sprout Junior Greenhouse Kits are ideal gifts for beginning greenhouse gardeners a..
$249.99 $174.95
Based on 2 reviews.
Sow N Reap 6x2 Lean to Greenhouse
Please Note - The 6 x 2 Lean-To Greenhouses we currently have in stock are green in color, not silve..
$399.99 $299.99
Based on 1 reviews.
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