Compact Greenhouses

Compact Greenhouses

Juliana Compact Greenhouses are the perfect match if you are like the common gardener and do not have a lot of extra yard space to place a huge permanent outdoor structure.

  • The compact size of these backyard greenhouses forces even the smallest space work beautifully!
  • Each of the greenhouses is constructed with a durable aluminum frame and polycarbonate covering panels.
  • Every compact greenhouse comes standard with the Juliana 12 year manufacturers guarantee.
  • These greenhouses are designed to last a lifetime and they do just that, this often comes as a huge shock to customers!
  • Available models include the Juliana Compact 6.5, Compact 9.9, and Compact 12.1 Greenhouses.
  • There are optional greenhouse accessories for Juliana models, these add on kits will enable the enhancement and enlargement of all compacted greenhouses, this can be very useful and fun to do.
  • The brand new Juliana Compact series is perfect for all gardeners, beginning and experienced. Are you ready to take your garden to the next level?
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The Eden's Compact 6.2 Hobby Greenhouse with green frame
An Affordable Hobby Greenhouse From Juliana Improved for 2013, the Juliana Edens Compact 6.2 Hobby ..
$1,932.99 $1,610.00
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