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Greenhouse Calculators

Free Greenhouse Calculators & Tools:

Greenhouse Area Calculator - Calculate the area of greenhouses using this calculation tool, to use include the height, width, length, and height of the sidewall, all using feet.

Greenhouse BTU Calculator - This calculator tools computs British Thermal Units (BTU), in order to help determine the specific heating needs of greenhouses, in all regions, climates, and spaces.


Area Calculations:

The greenhouse area calculator tool is used for researching and calculating the area of a greenhouse structure or conservatory, just enter in the length, width, height, and height of sidewalls!


 Length - In feet
greenhouse diagram
 Width - In feet
 Height - In feet
 Height of Sidewall - In feet
Area of Greenhouse - This number is used to calculate the minimum BTU output needed for your greenhouse.

The greenhouse BTU calculator was formulated to determine the heating needs of greenhouses, in one easy step!

Explanation: This calculator is designed to calculate and give an estimate of the BTU (British Thermal Unit) greenhouses heat requirements. Simply enter the area to be heated and select the climate adjustments. This is to be used for a general guideline only.
Greenhouse Area - The total square feet of exposed surface area of your greenhouse not including the floor (this is not length * width). To find out the area your greenhouse, click here.
Coldest Outside Temperature - You will want to enter the lowest temperature expected for your area. Not sure? You can click here for the USDA plant hardiness zones which provide an average annual temperature rating for areas within the United States.
Maximum Inside Temperature - This is the highest temperature you want to maintain in your greenhouse.

Heat Loss Value - Check the table at the bottom of the page to find the heat loss value for the covering used on your greenhouse. Some values may vary with manufacturer. If you know the R-value of your covering, you can convert it to a heat loss value using this formula: Heat loss value = 1 / R-value.




Green House Heating Calculations as British Thermal Unit (BTU)
Resulting Minimum BTU - This is the minimum BTU output your heater should have. Most heaters use a BTU input rating. BTU output = (heater efficiency) * (BTU input).
This result is  Area x (Max - Min) x Heat Loss
Covering Insulation (R) Values for Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Glass, and Fiberglass
Covering Material R Value Covering Material R Value
3 mm Glass (single layer) 0.95 4 mm Twin-wall Poly 1.43
Two layers of Glass (insulated) 2.00 6 mm Twin-wall Poly
8 mm Twin-wall Poly 1.61 4 mm Polyethylene
10mm Twin-wall Poly 1.89 6 mm Poly 0.87
16 mm Triple-wall Poly 2.50 6 mm Poly double layer (inflated) 1.43
Fiberglass / Poly (single layer) 0.83 11 mm woven Poly 0.95
R value: A unit used to measure the effectiveness of thermal insulation.
A higher insulation value indicates greater heating and cooling efficiency.

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