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PlantHouse 5 Clear FlowerHouse Greenhouse

PlantHouse 5 Clear FlowerHouse Greenhouse
Brand: FlowerHouse
Product Code: Plant House 5 Clear
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The PlantHouse 5 Clear Greenhouse is designed for all common gardening enthusiasts, your dreaming of the day you finally own a hobby greenhouse kit can now become a reality!

  • Designed to be one of the best portable greenhouses, with its extremely compacted structure and very light weight design.
  • Set up and take apart in just minutes, and there are no extra tools required at all!
  • These greenhouse kits have one large door and a ventilation window, which helps provides simple and convenient entry as well as excellent air circulation. 
  • Each of the opening holes are featured screen vent windows that protect against pests like bugs, rodents, and other unwanted critters.
  • For the ideal growing environment, all you must do is open the vents, and the greenhouse will do the rest.
  • Great for hardening plant leaves off.
  • To lock in the air, if you want to create an environment with higher temperatures and an increased humidity, simply shut the screened windows. Then, just sit back and relax as your greenhouse environment balances itself out!
PlantHouse 5 Clear Greenhouses



  • Screen ventilation windows.
  • 100% Gro-Tec, which is totally UV resistant, water proofed and features rip stop protection, to provide an extra long lasting lifespan.
  • 4 port holes for water hoses, electrical power cords, etc.
  • 1 large screen door.


  1. Tie straps, designed for resistance and to withstand strong wind speeds.
  2. 1 convenient carrying pack, to allow easy transportation.
  3. 1 fiber pole, to support the greenhouse structure and stabilize it in its' place.
  4. 1 UV resistant shade greenhouse cover, to protect against harsh sun rays.
  5. Extra ground stakes, for extra structural support and stability.

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