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Alcha CMP-05 Compost Tumbler

Alcha CMP-05 Compost Tumbler
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The Horizontal Compost Tumbler Bin is designed to provide tumbling action with mixing fins to break up clumps, to provide an aerobic action, which creates an odorless and quicker form of composting.

  • Why throw all that good waste away and fill up landfills, especially when you can provide plants the best soil compost, in as little as 21 days? 
  • Made with recycled plastic, black color is heat-absorbing, which gives the composter help, to complete the cycle quicker.
  • Stands 33" long x 39" wide x 36" high and weighs only 36 pounds.

  1. Environmentally friendly; minimizes landfill waste.
  2. Features easy access sliding door
  3. Molded with inside ridges which help break up clumps
  4. Can hold a capacity of 7 cubic feet. The perfect size allows any age, to turn the bin, even when full.
  5. Designed out of 100% recycled plastics.
  6. Purchase includes free shipping, for customer living in the lower 48 states, United States.

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