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Botanicare Aeroponic Plant Power Cloner 165

Botanicare Aeroponic Plant Power Cloner 165
Brand: Botanicare
Product Code: Power Cloner 165
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The Amazing New Botanicare Aeroponic Power Cloner 165 Site Machine Creates Bigger and Stronger Plants, Faster Than Ever!

Whether you simply want to be the envy of friends and family, or whether you're a gardening fanatic, this is one product that's guaranteed to be perfect for you. Here at last!

  • A machine that’s big enough to accommodate a volume of plant growth never before possible. Meet the all-new Botanicare Aeroponic Plant Power Cloner 165.
  • Remarkably, the 38" x 30.5" x 17.5" Power Cloner 165 encourages a substantial amount of root growth in as little as five to ten days, thus affording growers the opportunity to focus their attention on growing a range of tree cuttings, shrubs, flowers, herbs, fruits and flowers all within a single grow system.
  • Considering this technological revolution, it's hardly surprising that Aeroponic grow systems are at the forefront of the race.
  • For the most part, the efficiency of the Power Cloner 165, with regards to rooting is achieved, due to the use of high output pumps and micro jets for spraying plant cuttings.


Considered by many to be one of the biggest plant cloners available, the Cloner 165 never fails to produce a staggering amount of root growth using a simple yet time efficient method of root cutting.

  • Boasting an impressive 40 gallon reservoir, there are more that 165 sites available to ensure growers have the option of unsurpassed diversity with regards to the varieties grown in a single system.
  • The fact that the Botanicare Aeroponic Power Cloner 165 produces professional grade plants is no secret to experienced growers.

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