Would you rather have bright, beautiful flowers fresh grown to enhance your space?

It's a breeze when you buy the worlds best hydroponics system, the world famous AeroGrow AeroGarden hydroponic garden grower systems and AeroGarden accessory kits are what you need!

  • AeroGarden growers are perfect for providing fresh herbs and spices from any indoor environment. 
  • Their compact size allows them to fit in any kitchen or indoor space. 
  • Live in an urban area and unable to grow an outdoor garden?  Want no longer with the AeroGarden hydroponics growing system, these machines are truly marvelous! 
  • These indoor gardens contain everything you need to start growing fresh, healthy, and nutritious produce or flavorful herbs. 
  • Experience the added benefits of fresh produce. 
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AeroGarden Seed Kit
This AeroGarden seed kit, from EarthCare, offers 14 seed pods with all 18 lettuce varieties from o..
$39.99 $24.95
Based on 0 reviews.
Aerogarden-7 Classic Hydroponics Growing System
DESCRIPTION:The AeroGarden 7 high-output garden produces an abundance of fresh herbs, flowers, veget..
$199.99 $159.99
Based on 0 reviews.
AeroGrow AeroGarden Chili Pepper Seed Kit
An amazingly tasty different three types of AeroGrow Aerogarden Chili Pepper Seeds in the kit that y..
$34.99 $24.95
Based on 0 reviews.
AeroGrow AeroGarden Gourmet Herbs Hydroponic Grower
If you want to grow fruit, green herbs, or basically anything you could think of and want to imp..
$279.99 $224.95
Based on 0 reviews.
AeroGrow AeroGarden Grower Pro 100 Stainless
The amazing AeroGrow AeroGarden pro 100 stainless unit produces 50% more food than traditional growi..
$289.99 $159.99
Based on 0 reviews.
AeroGrow AeroGarden Replacement Light Bulbs
st1:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } 2 Bulbs in Each Pack of Replacement AeroGrow Light Bulbs, To In..
$39.99 $23.95
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